Of the thirteen constellations in orbit in sight of the sun from the earth and zodiacal constellations, called the twelve constellations excluding the Ophiuchus
This twelve constellations are used in the horoscope I think everyone, and I know.
Such as in Greek mythology comes out also some talk surrounding these constellations. Here, we would like to introduce some from among them.

Twelve constellations is

It is often used in such as fortune-telling and has almost become a monthly.

 Aries March 21-April 19 Taurus April 20-May 20 Gemini May 21-June 20
 Cancer June 21 - July 22 Leo July 23-August 22 Virgo August 23-September 22
 Libra September 23 - October 22 Scorpio October 23-November 21 Sagittarius November 22-December 21
 Capricorn December 22 - January 19 Aquarius January 20 - February 18 fish seat February 19 - March 20



There was a child that Phrixus and Pere to Atamasu king of country of Thessaly.
             Creator is called Nephele, then it was a spirit of clouds, Atamasu is celebrating the Ino as wife, Phrixus and Pere siblings had been a nuisance treats to Ino.


One day Ino is subjected to stratagem the Phrixus, will be to sacrifice likely.
         Nephele you know it, and seek help to Zeus, Hermes, which was asked to help to Zeus, was rescued using the golden sheep that fly in the sky.
             Golden sheep carrying a brother and sister, you come up to the mountain of the Caucasus, which is also Strait in Europe and Asia bordering fly in the sky.
             At that time Pere would make you fell into the sea cause dizziness too much speed.
             Golden sheep, golden skin is sacrifice of Zeus has been decorated in temple of Colchis.


The Taurus There are two legends.
             One theory is, Zeus, I found that the playing is that when one person in the ranch beauty look at the country of Boenikia from the heavens.
             Its beauty was the only daughter of King Europa Boenikia.
             Zeus, is transformed into white cow, was closer Europa.
             Because Europa you do not know it was a demure beautiful white cattle, and playing with Shiroushi, eventually spans the back.

Sea next moment Shiroushi you began to run also ran as earth, to Europa to fear, Zeus,
             "I am Zeus. Hear that say"
             And you say, and I took the Europa to Crete.
             And reached land, since Europa was the first time that arrived was human, it was called Europe in honor of the land on Europa.
             After the Europa I called spent three birth life the child of Zeus.

In the other theory, this cow is actually a cow, it seems to be a thing Miko Io who serve in the temple of Queen Hera was transformed.
             In other words, is Miso-me to Zeus, Hera, which was hurt pride the Io overlaying the fornication is, alters the Io without warranty of male cattle,
             This constellation symbolizing the appearance of the cow, it is said to belong to the woman constellation while being called Taurus.



Predecessor of this constellation, as brothers of the name, father but Zeus, it is Leda, which is known as incredibly beautiful woman among the Greek mythology.
             Leda was a queen of King of Sparta, the child Porukusu and Helene of God from Zeus, I gave birth to Castor and Cru Thailand female tiger with a human destiny from her husband.
             Helene and Cru Thailand female tiger becomes a beautiful daughter, Helene is said to be the world of beauty, it became the cause of the Trojan War.

Became Gemini is Castres port lux Castres in the King of Sparta of child, and shouldering the destiny of man, Porukusu had been determined the fate of immortality in the child of Zeus.
            Karutosu the equestrian expert, Porukusu the two people in the boxing gurus had Hase chipping tour Yumei the battlefield together.
             On one occasion, the fate of a certain thing spear sticks consciousness to Castres throat when the struggle of when to divide another set of brothers and one head of cattle of twins in four people was clear.
Porukusu will shed tears, to his father Zeus, Zeus was hope his death and appear to Porukusu of the original,
             "You are to is my son, Castor's who husband of Leda is allowed horse thy mother. You is I will forgive you willing if living in Olympus with me. But you have to help the life of brother , if you are that will minutes his fate, you are living a half of life in the underground, half is good but live in heaven with him. " Porukusu choose the road after. Thus Castor and Porukusu It seems became a Gemini


Protagonist of the story that appeared in the story of Cancer is the hero Hercules's premier in Greek mythology.
In response to curse born Hercules from before birth of lawful wife Hera of Zeus in between Zeus and human Arukumena, was I have a child to massacre you love.
In order to atone for their sins, Hercules but you achieved the Dae-up of 12 to life, hit the second its "Kaihebi hydra extermination of Rerunea valley", has become an episode of Cancer.
Put on the intrigue of the jealous queen Hera, Hercules will go out to exterminate the serpent Hydra with the neck of 9, I will scissors the Hercules of leg one animal of giant crab that Kase at that time hydra appeared.
This Giant crab also actually in order to interfere with the spatula to achieve is the Dae-up of Hercules, was the help of Hydra.
Kyokai is sandwiched between the Hercules of the foot, but, on the contrary, but they will be trampled to Hercules.
This Giant crab I have became a Cancer ascended to heaven is so.


 Origin of Leo also, is the episodes same Hercules saga with Cancer. Of Dae-up of Hercules of 12, the first work is derived from the Leo. Story is the "lion extermination eating people of the forest of Nemea".
And some people eating lion, which is rumored to invulnerability forest of Nemea, it was feared the diabolical monster.
This lion is in the children of Echidna, and walked in without a day without a night thing of cattle and sheep, of course, had been attacked sometimes the people.
Hercules went out armed with bow and arrow, the way to make the club pull the tree of olivine, was ambushed the lion.
I came across this rough lion at night.
Lion of the mane, and covered in blood, the lips dripping of blood had been turning licking tongue.
Hercules was allowed to hit the lion two arrows from the bushes, but I fell upon it as soon as look at the Hercules and would be quickly rebounded.
Hercules, and threw the bow and arrow, homestretch until sieved cave the club, was to strike the head to brute force.
Club but was I, and pounce on the lion's daunting, with all his might to tighten the lion, it will be strangled.
Hercules stripped the skin, I called wore life.


For the predecessor of Virgo, there are various theories.
And for that it is agriculture of goddess Day artemether, there and 2 theory of that's Persephone became queen of the underworld king of Pluto at its daughter.
In addition, there are other also Zeus and the Titan group of goddess Demisu daughter, also a theory that says the goddess Astraea of justice.
It is a constellation that there are many theories, the figure of Virgo, is what goddess that has the wings like an angel was to hand the ears of wheat.
Tsubasa'm thing of Persephone, Beard Papa's because such things to symbolize the Day artemether, actually it Will be I think it is a complex of the goddess of this mother and child.
Persephone is, was picking flowers in today and the Nymphs in the field of Nyusa.
Then there Hitoki I had blooming beautiful daffodils.
Moment that Persephone was away from the Nymphs trying Tsumo its flowers.
Suddenly tear the earth, Pluto riding on black netherworld horse appears she will be taken away to the netherworld.
Actually this narcissus is, Pluto is what is Zeus as easy took her she was prepared.
Pluto that a lot of you live in the netherworld is not from the way we treat of women is a solution, when you consult with Zeus women experience is the father of the rich and Persephone, Zeus seduces Pluto as "brute force who is liked by women." , and I was directed to kidnap Persephone.
Day Maetel mother knew this thing was furious.

On the other hand, Persephone was abducted to the underworld is brought to a dark netherworld, and then pray to want to return to the ground to Pluto.
Pluto, on which apologized that it was Tsuresa~tsu, was asked to want to become a lamplight of the underworld to Persephone.
Persephone is loneliness that Pluto was hidden in one of the chest, was sense the loneliness.

Then Zeus sent the Hermes, is told to release Persephone to Pluto, was released the Persephone in a way that Pluto also respond to this.
At that time, Pluto has held out the fruit of the pomegranate, It was Persephone, which has continued to refuse, tenderness of Pluto, loneliness, was ate 4 tablets the fruit of the pomegranate because it had to feel the loneliness.

And it was Persephone who returned to the original mother Day artemether, but you told that you had to eat the pomegranate of the netherworld to the mother.
Those who ate the food of the underworld, because there was a gods of arrangements that belong to the underworld, and Persephone must belong to the underworld, only the number of pomegranate you've eaten it means to live in the netherworld, 1 of the year / 3 become able to spend in the netherworld, she is went married to Pluto of the original as netherworld queen Persephone.
And Day Maetel, the only time that my daughter is in a nether world, now stop and the result in a fruitful ground. This is has been said to be the beginning of the season of winter.

In addition, the time that Persephone returns to earth, joy of goddess Day artemether of fertility is the mother will have been a full full on the ground. This is the season of spring.


 Story of Libra, goddess Astraea which governs the justice and virtue, the daughter of the goddess Demisu which governs the law, had also served as a judge or for that.
Since you have been using your balance when determining the human good and evil, it is said that what is symbolized it.
Astraea hated the vulgarity of the human contend, eventually continued inclination towards balance also evil to measure the good and evil, God went up to heaven give up Astraea it would be up to heaven.


This constellation, you appeared Orion, known as beautiful triple star.
Orion is a born handsome between the queen of the sea god Poseidon and heroine countries Amazon Euriare, was also the unparalleled young people.
Orion was proud and "no one can beat yourself in the world.".
In fact, Orion is a beauty boys, was adept in hunting in powerful person.
However, since the conspicuous is poor boorish behavior is identity, and I bought a hatred of the gods of Olympus.
Although somehow tried to Korashimeyo him, everyone does not prohibitively so powerful Warriors.
So Hera is worried about please consider, I was ordered to its role in one animal of the scorpion.

Scorpion stalk at the feet of Orion, its sharp poison needle stabbed and Busuri to heel, which resulted in a defeat this hero to the original blow.
The scorpion by its achievement becomes a constellation ascended to heaven, Orion also became a constellation of filled with beautiful, we are afraid of is still scorpion from becoming a star. Spring around the Scorpio appears in the eastern horizon, Orion constellation sank in the west of direction, it is when Scorpio is at the beginning of spring disappear in the western sky from the eastern horizon to peek face.


   hilosopher Chiron centaur clan, it is also a scholar, hero of Greek mythology, it is said to have received little education of Chiron.
Chiron I was born during the most strong Kronos and the nymph of the Giants, but was now himself centaur for fear the curse of Kronos wife.
Hercules has also appeared in this story, Hercules will cause the Centaur group and tiff.
As a result, I was Inuki the Chiron is a teacher at the arrow.
This arrow did not have to heal because it was painted the poison of the Hydra.
Chiron is suffering, I leave the only immortal hero Prometheus, Chiron died.
Zeus, I was in the constellation generous the death of Chiron.


 Predecessor of Capricorn. By bread in Gishiria mythology, it has been popular as a Bokuyojin in field and forest nymph.
The head has goat horns and ears, but the upper body was a hairy man, lower body was something of a goat. Pan was in love with a water nymph.
Bread, ran after the water nymph.
Nymph involuntarily escaped, the nymph that are no longer fully escape prayer to God, the beautiful figure has disappeared.
Nymph, I became a reed that is swaying to the riverside.
While none in the reeds bread there what many do not know is whether nymph fell in love, was to whistle a single reed.
Reed flute now has the same name as the Syrinx is the name of the nymph.
One day, I will be including Zeus. Gods, had been a drinking bout at the banks of the Nile River.
Bread with their companions, he had entertained everyone blowing the good of Syrinx.
Suddenly, the monster Typhon appeared, it has crowded ride to the banquet. Gods Awatefutameki, I've scattered fled by transformed into birds and beasts and fish on the fly, because the bread ran away in a hurry, lower body part that was soaked in water becomes to fish, the upper body was out on the ground that the goat and I got garbled in appearance.
It is, the figure of this constellation is the upper body is the episode that lower body in the goat is a strange form of fish.


   Predecessor of this constellation, Trôs of the child who made the foundation of Troy kingdom, say and Ganymede, combines the beauty that also over any beautiful woman, was a clever boy.
Is Mai married daughter Hebe of lawful wife Hera who was the scepter of liquor at Olympus, we will be looking for the place of the thing.
Zeus, the came to mind is first and foremost, it was Ganymede.
Because, Zeus, it is a lustful, yet because had a sodomy hobby.
Immediately Zeus, is transformed into one bird of the eagle, I would be the Ganymede who was the turn of his father's sheep have been kidnapped from Troy of the country to the summit of Olympus.
And always beside the Haberasu instead as Sakewarabe, I gave the good looks and the eternal youth in this boy.
In Aquarius that this boy has become a star, he is in the inside of the jar to hand, water that becomes the gods of wisdom of Izumi, had always been praised and Manman.


 Appearance of this constellation, consists of two tails of fish, its predecessor, and the goddess of love Aphrodite, the child, is Eros.
The reason for the goddess of love must become a fish, is related to the episode of Capricorn.
In the banks of the Nile River, it had held a feast.
Some of the gods, there was also the god of Aphrodite and Eros of mother and child.
The middle of a spree, I appeared in the monster named De~yupon.
Gods and dismay, it has been scattered fled to all directions is transformed into the fly in a variety of animal morphed also Aphrodite and Eros in 2 tails of fish, it was saved and jumped into the Nile River.
However, so as not to be separated for each other, and I was Yuwaetsuke the tail of both the ribbon.
Aphrodite and Eros, which was transformed into a 2 tails of fish, became the constellation ascended to heaven, it is but the figure of Pisces, the tail will been especially firmly tied with a ribbon.。

Miscellaneous thoughts

 Constellations are used for an animation and fortune-telling, and you're very fond. A constellation sees a stellar line, and is the one a person considered. Abundance of the imagination which sees a stellar line as the various shapes is felt. I think the person who considered these was a romanticist surely.