It might be the moon that a very familiar star for us thinks and floats on first. The moon is always important existence that is keeping watching us. The moon is the smallest satellite in the solar system.
The same moon expression always. It is because the same side is turned to the earth when the moon turns around the earth. The distance from the earth is about 380,000km.

About "Sea" of the moon

 The part where convexoconcave is done to the surface of the moon is called Crater. It is called, "Sea" on the surface of the moon. The geographical features there that the lava that has overflowed from the inside in the moon is buried old Crater and was able to be done. It is a color of the lava of the basalt quality in the moon that the part is black. The "Sea" was examined.

Ocean of Storms

  In the ocean of Storms, there are 2 million 102 thousand square km area in the biggest sea in the surface of the moon. It expands in the southeast, and it connects with the sea of rain on the east side. The part on the north side is called the creek of dew.

Sea of Rain

  The area is 830,000 square km, and a large sea in second following the ocean of Storms. In surroundings of the sea of this rain, there are four mountain ranges such as the Alps mountain range (250km in the total length), Caucasuses (520km in the total length), Apennines (600km in the total length), and [karupachia] mountain ranges (400km in the total length). Therefore, the borderline is clear. Moreover, there is round geographical features in the northwest part in the sea of rain, and it is called the creek of the rainbow.

Creek of rainbow

 There are 260km diameter in round geographical features in the northwest part of rain. Half the north puts to the [jara] mountain range and is enclosed.

Sea of the cold

 It is a sea near the North Pole. There are 436,000 even square km area.

Sea of fine

  The circle has been by one of the seas that stand out most in surface of the moons. There are 303,000 even square km area.

Sea of Tranquility
  There are 421,000 even square km area in the southeast of the sea of fine in a big sea. This place is a place from which Apollo 11 lands, and the human race stood for the first time.

Sea of nectar
   It is a sea located in the south of the unruffled waters. There are 100,000 even square km area.

Sea of richness
  There are 326,000 even square km area in the sea on the southeast side of Sea of Tranquility.

Sea of danger
   It is a round sea where the surface side of the moon is seen east most. The diameter has 570km and 176,000 square km areas.

Sea of Moscow
   Luna 3 of the former Soviet Union that took a picture of the other side of the moon for the first time in 1959 discovered in the sea that existed in the lunar farside, and this sea was named.

Origin of the moon

  It is said that it is about 4.55 billion years ago that the moon appeared. They are an experiments, a simulations, etc. especially and the most powerful variously theories now though there is theory. It is a giant impact theory.

 Giant impact theory
The star of the size of Mars diagonally collided with primitive earth 45 or 5 years ago, the discharged material got cold, and it became the hardening moon.

Total solar eclipse

 The moon enters the earth shadow when the sun, the earth, and the moon queue up straight and it disappears. ..reddening.. month is seen at the total solar eclipse because refraction and the scattered light reach at that time.
  It is the one when a right photograph is a total solar eclipse. Reddening, because it scatters and light reaches, it looks red about the earth. This total lunar eclipse is a photograph taken on October 8, 2014. Next, the total solar eclipse is seen to be seen on April 4, 2015.

Annular eclipse

The moon conceals sunning when the sun, the earth, and the moon queue up straight and it disappears. The state that the moon came in succession in the sun at that time is called an annular eclipse. Moreover, when the sun and the moon come in succession, this annular eclipse is seen the ring. The photograph is the one on May 12, 2012.

Miscellaneous thought

 The distance from the earth is about 380,000 km for the month. The paper by which this distance is 0.08 millimeters, 42 diffraction is the distance to which 30,000 km was added. When it's broken 43 times, it's said that it's about 700,000 km. A diameter in a moon is about 3476 km and is 1/4 of the earth. The mass of the moon is 1/81 and is very lighter than the earth. I think it's that giant impact is strong but very miraculous that a moon was established. If the speed crashed against the earth is a little fast, it's said that it was shattering every the earth. It's said that the earth stands up by a chain of miracle this.