Especially several stars often move though the star seen in the night sky is a fixed star where the position is not changed. This is a star that is called the same "Planet" as the earth where it is at a position very near the earth, and turns around the sun. The planet is not voluntarily emitted light, receives the light of the sun, shows the appearance to us, and exists. We'll introduce the companion in such a planet. 。


Terrestrial planet………It chiefly has the surface that was able to be done with the rock, the volume and mass are small, and the density is large planets. There are Mercury, Venus, the earth, and Mars. 。

Gas-giant planets………The density is a small planet though the surface is a lot of the one made of the gas, and is large both volumes and mass. There are a Jupiter, a Saturn, Uranus, and a Neptune.

Inner planet……………It is a planet that revolves around a point that is nearer the sun than the earth. This companion is Mercury and Venus.

Outer planet……………It is a planet that revolves around a point that is further than the earth from the sun. This companion is Mars, a Jupiter, a Saturn, Uranus, and a Neptune.

Satellite………………It is a star where the planet turns as the moon.


 The earth turns round an orbit near the sun in the third planet in the solar system next to Mercury and Venus. The earth is covered with water and the atmosphere. The atmosphere is oxygen chiefly, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, etc.The earth is a planet where 70 percent of the surface is covered with water of sea.
 There were a volcano a lot it was possible to do, and the eruption was often caused and the earth entered the state of the magma entering of the earth at the great antiquity whether the earth had become the planet of such water why. Then, the heavenly body of the size of Mars dropped in the earth in the earth, the volcano in the earth would cause the eruption before long, the cloud was able to be done, and buckets of rain got off. What collects the rain and can be done is a sea.  Moreover, the satellite of moon turns to the earth.


 It is a planet in the sun that turns most round the vicinity. The calorie of Mercury received from the sun is large the near the orbit of the sun in the star with the few atmosphere, and the temperature on the surface that turned to the sun reaches about 350-430℃ in daytime. There is a place that becomes about -170℃, too and Crater etc. are seen moonish at night.


 Venus might be called the venus of the daystar and the vesper (It is good) because it is very bright. The reason for the atmosphere such as the carbon dioxide of Venus is that the temperature on the surface reaches 470℃ by greenhouse effect in bright the star. Moreover, the volcanic activity is actively done in Venus.


 It is a planet that revolves around immediately outside in the earth. Mars is a star with the thin atmosphere that consists chiefly of carbon dioxide. There are a rock that contains iron oxide and a rock in ground, and the entire star is covered with iron oxide, and it looks red like rusting in ..ground.. red.
 Moreover, Mars has the greatest volcano in the solar system, and when the volcanic activity becomes active, terrible amount of magma is generated.
 It has been thought whether there is a life in Mars. However, when Mars-observation satellite actually examines it, it has been understood that there is no life. Though it is because only a little amount water remains in Mars if the possibility where the living thing exists is left …. The living thing will come to be able to live in planet "Mars" that the mystery is a lot of still in the future.


 There are about 320 times ..mass.. the earth in the greatest ..Jupiter.. planet in the solar system, and the whirlpool of yen that is called large red spots that have a tinge of red is seen on stripes pattern on the surface and the surface.
The rotating period of the Jupiter is about ten hours. Moreover, hydrogen and helium are and there is the atmosphere of the principal ingredient in the Jupiter. The phenomenon of the aurora seen well in the cold district on the earth seems to be seen also in the Jupiter.


 The Saturn is a planet with the mass about 95 times the earth, and the size is the same size as the Jupiter and about the 3rd sizes of the sun. There are hydrogen and helium in this Saturn, it knocks against the atom and the particle each other, and Saturn's rings is made. Moreover, the aurora has been generated because the solar wind of the sun blows to the Saturn.


 As for Uranus, the thing of a similar Saturn consists of the planet that was able to be done with ice and the rock on the surface.
This pattern is a ring that knocks against the atom of the methane and the particle helium, and can be done. Uranus inclines at about 98° rotation, and revolves almost sidewise around the sun while knocked down. The size of Uranus is four times the earth.


 The Neptune is a planet that leaves the sun and revolves around the sun. Mass is larger than Uranus though it is smaller than Uranus in the same planet. The diameter has the size about 45 times the earth. Moreover, Neptune puses are the coldest planets of taking minus 220℃ in surface temperature because it is away from the sun.
 The methane freezes in the Neptune and the cloud is made, too. The wind has occurred, too and the strong wind of 400m in per second blows to the Neptune early of the wind.


 It is similar to the planet though the comet is not a planet in the point that the sun turns around. In general, the comet is drawn yen long and slender orbit and revolves around the sun.
 The comet consists of hardening and the atmosphere where the dust of the snow mixed. When it approaches the sun, dust and the gas are discharged, and the sun becomes a tail that expands other side .
 Moreover, the comet is said, "Broom-star".

Miscellaneous thought

 There are a lot of planets and stars in the solar system. But a life form is only something through which you can't live. There is a possibility that a life form is in Mars, but there is no decisive evidence yet. Are they miracle and accidental product that there is a life in the earth? Or was it in the destiny which brings the life up? When bumping a ball against a wall when it was accidental, without making a hole, it's said that it was the probability that it's pierced.