On a clear day, the sun is always watching us from the sky. We are given
a life thanks to the
sun. The sun is, and I think either the wonder of is willing
to deliver to us How to to light exactly in what, I made this page.
We can not help but feel the greatness of nature to the sun of power and greatness.
By all means, please visit.

Distance and size of the earth and the sun

Sun in the position of about 150 million km from Earth.
To be carried out at the speed of light it takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds.
The sun is worth about 109 times that of Earth at about 140 million km diameter.
In addition, the mass is worth about 330,000 times that of Earth at about 1.99 × 1010kg.

Structure of the sun

Surface of the sun is 70% hydrogen helium 28% Other 2%,
Center is made ​​of 35% helium 63% hydrogen and other 2%.

Brightness of the sun

The sun (which shows the brightness when viewed with the naked eye in grade) visual magnitude is such -26.8.
(You should not be looking at the sun with the naked eye. There is a risk of blindness.)
Absolute magnitude (the brightness when viewed from 32.6 light-years distance of what is expressed in grade) is 4.7 and the like.

Structure of the sun

The center of the sun there is a thing called the nucleus, but where is the furnace of the sun that emits a photon instead hydrogen to helium by nuclear fusion.

 Also I will say a state that is a nuclear fusion reaction with the main-sequence stars. Radiation layer a layer that wrapped the nucleus, I will say a layer that wrapped the emission layer and the convective layer.
Radiation layer has been compressed gas is extremely strong. Therefore photons nucleus emits passes through the radiation layer, in until it exits to the surface of the sun will take hundreds of thousands of years.
In the region where the plasma is stirring as when convection layer that is boiling hot water like pot, plasma will continue to back Tour of to the interior also got up from the interior of the sun.
Surface of the convection layer is a layer of the surface of the sun is a layer called light spherical There are wrapped it, will be the chromosphere surface.

Surface of the sun。
  Light sphere is the boundary line that the sun becomes visible light becomes transparent (external) from semi-transparent (internal). To the top of the light sphere has accumulated a large amount of gas and the plasma. (Surface of the light sphere ...... sun)
Light sphere will emit visible light necessary to earth, but I have to release ultraviolet light to the other.

Atmospheric layer of the sun (air referred to in the Earth) is the corona. This is the atmospheric layer of the sun that can move long distances without gas atoms and plasma particles of neutral to collide with each other.

Miscellaneous thought

 It's said that the sun keeps shining on the light for about 5,000,000,000 years more. When saying conversely, it's said that Ko in the sun stops 5,000,000,000 years later. No one knows what happens to the earth at that time. But we'd be dead by that. Without worrying, I'll enjoy now.??