Vast space that stretches to night sky. Various doubts spring when looking at. Why does the star twinkle?There is a star that hardly moves though there is a star that often moves, too, too. ……
 It is the sun that gives us various favors in daytime. The sun is a star. However, how do you differ from the star in the night sky?It is not a night and it sees it in daytime. ………
 We examined the thing of space based on these doubts.
 What one is the star that is called the fixed star and a planet?
 and, the mechanism and the structure of the sun were examined.
 What earth and relation does the star that is called a planet have?
 We challenged the mystery of space and the mystery of the black hole.
 In addition, stories of the constellation seen in the myth etc. were collected.
  The secret of satellite "Moon" that the earth turns around etc. are written. Please look by all means.


Fixed Star

In the page of the fixed star, how the mechanism and the fixed star in the fixed star had been made was examined.


The satellite in the earth, the Jupiter, and Venus and the Saturn, etc. and planetoids, etc. were examined in the page of the planet..


We examined the birth and the appearance etc. of only satellite "Moon" of the earth. Moreover, it introduces some geographical features.

Black Hole

The mechanism and how to do the black hole be able were brought together in the page of the black hole.


The Sun

In the page of the sun, it was structural of the sun and examined why our earth turned around the sun.

Story of constellation

The myth that coiled round 12 constellations that were called zodiacal constellations was mainly gleaned.

Quiz of Universe

It is a review quiz of space. Everybody, please challenge.

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